Friendship Network

5 years ago, I created my first friendship (ego) network from LinkedIn; since then, I haven’t had a chance to make a similar network from other platforms. Friendship networks allow me to see my existence in the virtual world, social life, reputation, circle, interest, and most importantly, behavior.

This time, I created my IG (ego) network. It consists of my reciprocal relations on IG ( i follow you, and you follow me). From reciprocal connections with 800 IG accounts, the network expands quickly to around 90000 accounts. A huge dataset and laborious task to filtered since we don’t have API access to IG. Thanks to my colleagues @apriandito, who provided me with the data, and @dianrdn, who gave the visualization idea.

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Different color means different group. Node with the same color means they belong to the same group. Some names show up on each group means they are my bridges to the respective group. If your name is not there, you are less influential as my bridge ( it doesn’t mean that you are less meaningful to me). If you believe you are in my network, you can guess where you are and our group name (what is the label of our group).


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